The Guelph Jazz Festival is an internationally recognized event with a community spirit at its core. Each year, 200+ volunteers make the festival run from top to bottom. It wouldn't be possible without them.

The 2016 festival is looking for people to join the volunteer team which will be lead by Volunteer Co-Managers Kyle Coveny and Emily Johnson.


With more than 10 Crews spread over multiple sites and venues, there is something for everyone.

Find your place, meet your people, and enjoy the experience!


Fill out the Volunteer Application here! 

For more information, email us at  .


HUGE Thank you to all the volunteers who have already signed up!

Joanne Backman

Bryan Thevanayagam

Chelsey Rae Hooker

Lynne McIntee

Harry Bishop

Gabriela Caterini

Alexander Lapena

Brian Beck

Katie Ellsworth

Karen Chen

Marguerite Urban

Varsha Gartaula

Terry Gillespie

Wes Laufert

Grace Peters

Max Harper

Sally Ludwig

Allen (Alex) Hernandez

Alan Millar

Rob Kirsch-Spring

Cynthia Wekesa

Siddhi Patel

Jocelyn Pitcher

Montana  Woolford Browne

Anne Stuart

Laura Pollock

Dave Cobb

Laura Harrison

Jane Martin

Carey    West

Emily Shepard

Eden Segal-Grossman

Sheena Peters

Sam Elmslie

Michele Whitteker

Taras Lachowsky

Claudia McConnell

Shaughnessy O'Reilly

David Eaton

Priya Shah

Meghan Muldoon

Isabel Segal-Grossman

Stephanie Hiscock

Arthur MacInnes

Adam Harnest

Russell Speers

Renée Gilbey

Raphael Roter

Michelle Melvin

Angela Bossence

Keida McMurtry

Chelsey Rae Hooker

Liam Paddock

Niamh Calder

Emma TarBush

Theresa  Mullin


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Volunteer 2016

Volunteer for Guelph Jazz Festival 2016