Bank Street Bonbons (Ontario)

A brand-new band by acclaimed Ottawa drummer and bandleader, Mike Essoudry, the Bank Street Bonbons is a brass band that extends the feel-good vibes of Essoudry’s Mash Potato Mashers, a brilliant party band that last mashed in 2014. The Bank Street Bonbons range all over the stylistic map – they flow through Eastern Europe or Brazil at moments, for instance – but New Orleans is their principal musical tributary, a city whose bountiful brass band tradition continues to inspire. Deep, danceable funk grooves. Terrific soloists. All for fun and fun for all. Mike Essoudry (drums), Tyler Harris (alto saxophone), Zakari Frantz (alto saxophone), Nicholas Dyson (trumpet), Ed Lister (trumpet), Ryan Purchase (trombone), Michael Shultz (trombone) & Keith Walton (sousaphone)

Saturday 16 September, 8pm, Market Square Stage, free

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