BassDrumBone (USA)

Musicians playing drums, bass, trombone

The festival is delighted to help celebrate the 40th anniversary of this legendary trio: Mark Helias (bass), Gerry Hemingway (drums), and Ray Anderson (trombone). Each player has a long, distinguished career as a bandleader and composer, the kind of individual momentum that could make such a cooperative project less and less feasible, but the trio’s kinship produces a rare musical sympathy, clear reason to continue and indeed to flourish. The trio’s latest release, The Long Road (Auricle), is two discs of sharp writing (including ingenious takes on the blues), joyful improvising, and a beautifully elastic time that both extends and celebrates the feeling of swing. Congratulations BassDrumBone! May your long road go on and on!

Saturday, 16 September, 8pm, Cooperators Hall, River Run Centre (on a bill with MendHam), $30/$25

BassDrumBone website

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