Bernice (Ontario)

Robin Dann portrait

Toronto singer Robin Dann leads Bernice, a group of kindred spirits and some of that city’s most inventive younger musicians, in songs that can be described as dreamy, ethereal, eccentric, experimental, literally wonderful. Genres like jazz and R&B might apply, but the synthesis is far too thoroughly wrought for easy pigeonholing, and is woven through by the strength of Dann’s vocal lines (often sung in gorgeous harmonies) and evocative lyrics. Bernice’s new EP is released on Arts & Crafts, a stalwart supporter of music that combines provocation and invitation. Bernice is Robin Dann (voice), Felicity Williams (voice), Thom Gill (keyboard & samples), Phil Melanson (electronic drums), and Dan Fortin (bass).

Friday 15 September, 12pm, Branion Plaza, University of Guelph (co-presented with the Central Student Association), free

Friday 15 September, 8pm, Market Square Stage (co-presented with Kazoo!), free

Bernice website