Eucalyptus (Ontario)

8 musicians posing

Alto saxophonist Brodie West is a beautiful eccentric who has been at the core of Toronto creative music activity for decades. Along the way, he has forged ties in Amsterdam where a meeting with drummer Han Bennink resulted in duo recording and touring, and where he studied with yet another beautiful eccentric, the late Misha Mengelberg. He was eventually invited to tour with The Ex, backing the redoubtable Ethiopian tenor saxophonist, Getatchew Mekuria. Eucalyptus is his percussion-heavy brainchild which draws on the churning Ethiopian rhythms associated with Mekuria, the lilt of calypso, and idiosyncratic swing. Brodie West (alto saxophone), Nicole Rampersaud (trumpet), Alex Lukashevsky (guitar), Ryan Driver (piano), Blake Howard (percussion), Michael Smith (bass), Nick Fraser (drums) & Evan Cartwright (drums)

Saturday 16 September, 6:30pm, Market Square Stage, free

Brodie West website