Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra (Québec)

large group of musicians onstage

Montreal’s fifteen-member Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra is an explosion of music, dance, circus, colour, and imagination. The band fuses Afro-Colombian percussion with the brass and violin melodies of the Roma peoples of Eastern Europe, inviting these styles to dance together, whether it’s the cumbia, the hora, or a bit of both. With a manic energy that teeters toward chaos, and yet with deftly executed flourishes of choreography, the band is built to party and, most definitely, for dancing. Formed in 2012, the group has played many festivals across Canada, Colombia, France, Austria, and the Czech Republic, and maintain a vital monthly residency at Montréal’s Sala Rossa, a guaranteed ground-zero for Mile-End partying.

Saturday 16 September, 11:30pm, Market Square Stage, free

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