Lee Pui Ming (Ontario)

Lee Pui Ming playing piano

Pianist Lee Pui Ming works creatively in and especially across styles – classical, jazz, improvisation, Chinese music – as well as notated and improvised music. Born in Hong Kong, she has been based in Toronto since the mid-eighties, from where she has toured and collaborated widely, including with long-time friends of the festival like Joane Hétu, David Prentice, and Jean Derome. The classical precision of her touch complements a quicksilver spirit that animates her improvising on piano and, often, with her voice as well. She will be featured in this premiere collaboration with Cluttertones, a two-set mixed program that may comprise solo piano, improvised duets with bassist Rob Clutton, and his new suite for Cluttertones with Lee Pui Ming as a special guest.

Thursday 14 September, 8pm, Cooperators Hall, River Run Centre (on a program with Cluttertones), $25/$20

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