Ray Anderson’s Pocket Brass Band (USA)

“If I’ve ever had a home, it’s the slide trombone” is Ray Anderson’s motto, and rightly so since he is one the instrument’s greatest creative exponents in recent decades. His kaleidoscopic approach explores the horn’s natural resources with a visceral vocal quality, but ranges freely into extreme registers, even evoking birdsong. Though often pigeonholed as a member of the avant-garde (whatever that is!), Anderson connects directly with any audience with charm, energy, and above all astounding musicianship. His Pocket Brass Band, with trumpeter Steven Bernstein, sousaphonist Jose Davila, and drummer Tommy Campbell, delivers the swinging energy of a New Orleans brass band with the flexibility of a small jazz combo: Danceable, smart, fun, freewheeling, a fantastic context to hear these charismatic masters.

Friday 15 September, 11:30pm, Market Square Stage, free

Ray Anderson website

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(photo credit: Erika Kapin)