Araz Salek & Pedram Khavarzamini (Ontario)

musicians playing dombak and tar

Born in Tehran, Araz Salek started playing tar (Iranian lute) under the instruction of Tofigh Iranparvar. He studied Iranian classical repertoire, vocal and instrumental radifs, under masters Hooshang Zarif, Arshad Tahmasebi and Hossein Omoumi. Now based in Toronto, he investigates the cross-section of classical and experimental music, collaborating with players in the field of creative improvised music. Pedram Khavarzamini is a master of the tombak (goblet drum) who studied with Kamyar Mohabbat and Bahman Rajabi. He has played such prestigious stages as Théâtre de la Ville in Paris, the Lincoln Center, the Thomas Jefferson Theatre in Washington, and the Chicago Cultural Center, performing alongside Keyhan Kalhor, Ross Daly, Rahim Khushnavaz, Habil Aliev, Ballake Sissoko, and Dariush Talaei.

Thursday 14 September, 12pm, Goldschmidt Room, 107 Mackinnon Building, University of Guelph (co-presented with the College of Arts ‘Thursday at Noon’ Series), free

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