Matthew Shipp (USA)

Matthew Shipp playing piano

New York’s Matthew Shipp, a major figure of contemporary piano, performs solo this year. He has been active and renowned for his playing, composing, and bandleading since the late eighties, with a staggering list of long-term collaborators including William Parker, David S. Ware, Mat Maneri, Joe Morris, Rob Brown, and Ivo Perelman. His most recent solo recording, Invisible Touch: At Taktlos Zürich (Hatology) is expansive, a testament to his total dedication in the music-making act. From Derek Taylor’s liner note, “Shipp’s stated aim is that rarefied realm where verbal and written descriptors fail, subsumed by the primacy of organized sound, spontaneous and of the moment. […] In Shipp’s typically succinct and germane summation: ‘I did feel very good about the flow that I felt I got.’”

Saturday 16 September, 10:30am, Cooperators Hall, River Run Centre, $20/$15

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(photo credit: Glenn Tollington)