Tom & Gerry (Germany/USA)

Musicians playing synthesizer and drums

This longstanding duo – celebrating its 20th anniversary this year – features two superb sculptors in sound who create a mysterious, sinuous electroacoustic music. German analogue synthesist Thomas Lehn, now based in Vienna, has been at the forefront of improvised music activity in Europe for decades, with a list of key collaborators including the leading players in the field. His supple and visceral textures and reverberations in performance can defy simple descriptions, but show a deep musicality that transcends style or instrument. Gerry Hemingway is a long-time friend of the Guelph Jazz Festival whose first appearance was a remarkable solo concert in the Bookshelf cinema in 1996. Now based in Switzerland, he remains one of the most creative and versatile drummers on the planet.

Sunday 17 September, 12pm, Guelph Youth Music Centre (on a bill with Mark Helias solo), $25/$20

Gerry Hemingway website
Thomas Lehn website

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(photo credit: Ariele Monti/Jordan Hemingway)