Hübsch Martel Zoubek (Germany/Québec/Austria)

Huebsch Martel Zoubek

The international, cooperative trio of Hübsch Martel Zoubek plays improvised music characterized by the transparent overlaying of wonderful timbres through intelligent-but-spontaneous structures. With an uncommon instrumentation and three extraordinarily talented instrumentalists, the trio works in a sound-world of extraordinary breadth and richness. While superficially the music evokes contemplative strains of composed contemporary music (from John Cage to the present), the stellar rapport of this trio – which has been touring and recording since 2012 – generates subtle momentums throughout its music through the energy of collective improvisation. They have two recordings to their credit, including most recently the superb Drought, on the Rimouski QC label, Tour de Bras, in 2016. Carl Ludwig Hübsch (tuba and objects; Germany), Pierre-Yves Martel (viola da gamba, harmonica; Montréal), and Philip Zoubek (prepared piano; Austria).

Sunday, 15 September, 12pm, Guelph Youth Music Centre (on a bill with Lerner/Rampersaud: Brass Knuckle Sandwich), $25/$20

Carl Ludwig Hübsch website
Pierre-Yves Martel website
Philip Zoubek website
Drought on Tour de Bras’s Bandcamp

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