Thanya Iyer (Québec)

Thanya Iyer

Montréal-based composer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist, Thanya Iyer, and her group make intelligent and sumptuous song-based experimental music. It moves gracefully and seamlessly between various kinds of music-making in ways that undermine simple genre classification. It is underpinned throughout by Iyer’s gorgeous voice, her knack for writing captivating melodies, and the inventive playing by her and her bandmates, Alex Kasirer-Smibert (bass and electronics), Daniel Gélinas (drums and more), and Simon Millerd (trumpet). This group has been touring tirelessly since mid-2015, through which the group’s sound has galvanized and been refined in ways readily apparent on their 2017 release, Do You Dream? (The answer, we say, is ‘Yes. We dream of hearing inventive, daring, and beautifully original music like yours!’)

Friday, 14 September, 12pm, Branion Plaza, University of Guelph (co-presented with the Central Student Association), free

Saturday, 15 September, 6:30pm, Market Square Stage, free

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photo credit: Frédérique Bérubé