Eighth Street Orchestra (ON)

Eighth Street Orchestra (ON)

This raucous trad brass band has deep Guelph roots. Founded by saxophonist Gary Murphy, a long-time contributor to Guelph’s musical culture, the Eighth Street Orchestra at its core is a family affair, featuring Nolan Murphy on trombone and sousaphone and Kaelin Murphy on trumpet. The group has been a fixture on a busking circuit in Guelph, Toronto, and elsewhere, bringing the joyful sounds of New Orleans jazz to the street culture wherever they go. Upon moving to Toronto to study, Nolan and Kaelin took over leadership of the ESO, and now it represents a exciting younger generation of forward-thinking but tradition-minded jazz musicians in Southern Ontario.

Friday, 13 September, 12pm, Branion Plaza, free

Kaelin Murphy (trumpet), Taylor Maslin (clarinet), Nolan Murphy (trombone), Gary Murphy (Banjo), Tom Richards (sousaphone), Patricio Llovet (drums)

Friday, 13 September, 7pm-12am, as part of the Friday Night Street Music Party in Market Square, free

Andrew McAnsh (trumpet), Teddy Zamor (trumpet), Taylor Maslin (clarinet), Kyle Tarder-Stoll (tenor), Nick marshall (trombone), Gary Murphy (baritone saxophone), Tom Richards (sousaphone), Nolan Murphy (snare), Patricio Llovet (bass)

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