GUH is a band that has managed to defy conventions and categories for the length of their 28 year long bizarro career. The Toronto (as well as now Guelph and Belleville) collective has operated with a dedicated core group of musicians as well as a revolving door membership system since it’s beginning, acting as a place to roll around for the city’s more experimentally bent players. Their genre-bending songs have been described as jazz/rock/reggae/pop/latin/polka/bop/and “what-was-that?” We call it GUH!

The core group of musicians includes Brian Cram (trumpet), Jason Baird (alto sax), Henry Muth (bagpipes), Scott Good (trombone), Colin Couch (tuba), Jason Clarke (guitar), Julian Brown (guitar), Craig Barnes (bass) and (drummers) Blake Howard, Jesse Baird and Andrew Henry.

Saturday, 14 September, 9:30pm, The Wooly, free

GUH bandcamp