NAIL: Mercury + Duo Baars Henneman (QC/Netherlands)


Recent years have been a purple patch of creativity for Montreal clarinetist, Lori Freedman, whose staggering talents as a soloist-interpreter of contemporary music’s most challenging material reached new heights on two solo recordings, Excess and Solor. She conceived this project with her partner in Mercury, bassist Nicolas Caloia, and Amsterdam’s Ab Baars (clarinet & shakuhachi) and Ig Henneman (viola) with whom Lori worked in Ig’s stellar Sextet. The program features a first set by two separate duos (Duo Baars Henneman and Mercury) and a second by NAIL, these four vital players in a new international chamber improvisation quartet – all playing wooden instruments.

Thursday, 12 September, 7:30pm, Royal City Church (mixed program; two duos and a quartet), $20/$15

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Lori Freedman website
Nicolas Caloia website
Stichting Wig (Henneman/Baars) website

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Freedman/Caloia photo by Jia Murphy
Henneman/Baars photo by Fabio Cimiera