NAIL: Lori Freedman, Nicolas Caloia, Ig Henneman & Ab Baars (QC/Netherlands)

Freedman Caloia Henneman Baars

The late teens have been a purple patch of creativity for Montreal clarinetist, Lori Freedman. Her staggering talents as a soloist-interpreter of some of contemporary music’s most challenging material reached new heights during her 2016 Virtuosity of Excess tour, and two astounding solo CDs – one of this material and one more improvised – were released in early 2019. She conceived NAIL, the coming together of two duos: Mercury, with Montreal bassist Nicolas Caloia, and the long-standing Amsterdam duo of Ab Baars (woodwinds) and Ig Henneman (viola), with whom Lori worked in Ig’s stellar Sextet. These four very original composer-performers will play a mixed program of each other’s compositions for improvisers, both as the two discrete duos and as a brand-new chamber improvisation quartet.

Thursday, 12 September, 7:30pm, Royal City Church (mixed program; two duos and a quartet), $25/$20

Lori Freedman website
Nicolas Caloia website
Stichting Wig (Henneman/Baars) website

Freedman/Caloia photo by Jia Murphy
Henneman/Baars photo by Fabio Cimiera