Updated COVID-19 Policy for Indoor Ticketed Concerts

As of 31 August, the Guelph Jazz Festival Board of Directors has updated its COVID-19 policy regarding indoor ticketed concerts during the 2021 Festival.

Attendees at any of these seven indoor concerts, 16-19 September, must be prepared to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination on site (print-out or on mobile device) prior to entry. Those who cannot produce their COVID-19 vaccination records may be denied entry. This policy is motivated by our desire to ensure the safety and comfort of everyone in attendance under current circumstances in which Provincial ‘Vaccine Passports’ are in development but not yet ready.

Ontario residents can access copies of their vaccine receipts through this link.

Attendees with medical exemptions that prevent them from being vaccinated are invited to contact us so that we can find a way to accommodate them reasonably.

While in general the Guelph Jazz Festival aims to offer inspiring live music experiences for listeners of all ages, we do not think it is appropriate for children 12 years and under to attend our indoor ticketed events in 2021 given the current public health situation. If you wish to discuss this aspect of our COVID-19 Policy, please contact us, and we will endeavour to find a way to accommodate you and your child if it is possible to do so.

Please see this page for General Health and Safety policies in place for the 2021 Guelph Jazz Festival. Those that feel excluded by this policy should note that over 80% of festival programming is at outdoor venues and open to all. Furthermore, several of the indoor ticketed concerts will be broadcast online two weeks after the festival, the weekend of 1-2-3 October. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Due to the changing nature of the Public Health situation in Ontario, this policy is subject to change. Please check this site for further updates.

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