Boxcar Boys (ON)

Since 2010, the Boxcar Boys have performed original music that weaves their take on folk songs, klezmer, and traditional jazz. They’ve released three albums, their debut Don’t Be Blue, Canadian Folk Music Award nominated Rye Whiskey, and the acclaimed Cicada Ball. Their energetic sound and joyful performances have been featured at, among many other venues, Gate to Southwell (UK), The Toronto Jazz Festival, The Deep Roots Festival, Blissfest, The Blue Skies Folk Festival, and The Ashkenaz Klezmer Festival.

Thursday, 16 September, 5:30pm, GJF in the Parks, York Road Park, free
Friday, 17 September, 5:30pm, GJF in the Parks, Mollison Park, free
Saturday, 18 September, 3:30pm, GJF in the Parks, Norm Jary Park, free

Boxcar Boys on YouTube

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