Turkish Music Ensemble (ON)

Turkish Music Ensemble formed in Toronto in 2019 to perform folk music that demonstrates the local characteristic of the rural population in Anatolia. Turkish folk music is based on lyrics; it is the musical expression of folk literature, which addresses events experienced by all sections of society with both a secular and religious approach. ‘Turku’ is the common form of Turkish folk music, with string, wind, percussion, and voice as its principal instruments. Burak Ekmekci is the Baglama player, Agah Ecevit is the Ney player, Fatih Tandogan is the percussionist and Begum Boyanci is the vocal of this project. The Ensemble shows the variety, the richness, and the special rhythmic and melodic flavour of Anatolian music.

Thursday, 16 September, 4:30pm, GJF in the Parks, York Road Park, free
Friday, 17 September, 4:30pm, GJF in the Parks, Mollison Park, free
Saturday, 18 September, 2:30pm, GJF in the Parks, Norm Jary Park, free

Turkish Music Ensemble • Labyrinth Ontario
Turkish Ensemble: Modal Music in the Parks

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