Aline Morales’s Baque de Bamba (ON)

Aline Morales

Baque de Bamba is an Afro-Brazilian percussion group based in Toronto founded in 2009 by Juno Nominee, Aline Morales, leader of the former Maracatu group, Nunca Antes. They perform afro rhythms from the northeast of Brazil, mostly in the city of Recife, with a principal focus on the Maracatu de Baque Virado style, among other percussive styles like Coco, Ciranda and Ijexá. The group is a contemporary version of this century old Brazilian Afro tradition, represented through drumming, singing, and dancing, delivered with considerable energy and audience engagement. Natural elements (fire, earth, wind, and water), the Orixás (deitias) of the Candomblé tradition, and the meeting of cultures within Colonial Brazil and Africa inform the group’s music, which manifests pride, artistic expression, solidarity, resistance, empowerment, and a sense of community. Baque de Bamba shines a light into the depths of Brazilian folkloric music and dance, while still remaining entirely contemporary.

Thursday, 16 September, 5:30pm, GJF in the Parks, Norm Jary Park, free
Friday, 17 September, 5:30pm, GJF in the Parks, York Road Park, free
Saturday, 18 September, 3:30pm, GJF in the Parks, Brant Park, free

Baque de Bamba on the web
Aline Morales website

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