Quatuor Bozzini • Portrait Martin Arnold (QC/ON)

Montreal’s Quatuor Bozzini is a string quartet committed to new and experimental music, a key ensemble not only in Canada but internationally as well, as they help to define the field through their detailed, sensuous work. In Guelph, they will play a program of works by Toronto composer Martin Arnold. His compelling aesthetics are marked by a love of slowly unfolding melodic and rhythmic material and the play between form and formlessness. Such priorities have had a marked influence on two generations of experimental music practice in Toronto and beyond, both through Arnold’s composing and his curatorial work (with Eric Chenaux) with the legendary experimental music label, Rat-drifting.

‘Portrait Martin Arnold’ program:
• Arnold, Martin – contact;vault – 1997
• Arnold, Martin – under difference – 2012
• Arnold, Martin – Aberrare (Casting) – 2004

Sunday, 19 September, 8:30pm, Royal City Mission, $24/$18 • buy tickets

Box office opens 1 September; prices include taxes and surcharges, and are general admission / seniors, students, underwaged

Quatuor Bozzini website • Martin Arnold page
Quatuor Bozzini website

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Photo credit: QB: Michael Slobodian

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