Kee Avil (QC)

Kee Avil is the solo project by the exceptional Montreal guitarist, vocalist, and composer Vicky Mettler, featured on Crease, the debut Kee Avil release on Constellation Records. It exhibits her insistent and jagged guitar-driven rhythms supplemented by a range of samples and electronic material, and edgy, ominous lyrics that are delivered with hushed intensity and a sense of unsettling proximity. The sounds evoke the cream of late- and post-rock influences –– too many to name, even if it were interesting to do so –– but synthesise and galvanise them through a thoroughly experimental sensibility, an abiding sense of both exploration and imploration.

Friday 16 September, 10:30pm, Royal City Mission, $20/$15 [buy tickets]

Kee Avil website
Constellation Records

Photo by Lawrence Fafard

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