Friendly Rich Marsella • The Birds of Marsville (ON)

Brampton-born, Oakville-based composer Friendly Rich Marsella will be featured at three different outdoor sites during the festival to premiere The Birds of Marsville a unique one-person show featuring his mechanical street organ, an orchestrion that was hand-built by Brampton’s Henk Degraauw. Friendly Rich will take you on a musical journey through the wonderful bird songs of the species from the lost island of Marsville, formerly off the east coast of Mauritius, as the story goes. Discover eighty new bird species, never seen before, as painted by David C. Hannan and included in a handsome publication that accompanies the performances.

Thursday, 16 September, 4pm, outdoors next to Goldie Mill (prior to Lisa Conway • SOUND MILL), free
Friday, 17 September, 12pm, outdoors next to the River Run Centre (prior to Casey Sokol • Bass Piano), free
Saturday, 18 September, 12pm, outdoors in from of City Hall, Carden St., free

Friendly Rich website

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