Lido Pimienta (ON)

Lido Pimienta’s texturally rich and mind-bending voice and music project what The Globe and Mail calls her “bold, brash, polarizing” persona, which constantly confronts the powers that be. But it also reveals an embrace of the Afro- and Indigenous traditions that is at once defiant, delicate, and sweetly nostalgic. Pimienta’s latest album Miss Colombia extends her ecstatic artistic hybridity, building on the intersection of electronica and cumbia established by her first two albums, Color (2010) and the 2016 Polaris Prize-winning La Papessa, Canadian album of the year. Notably, La Papessa was the first 100% independently released, non-English or French album to win the Polaris. Pimienta is an artist of singular passion and vision.

Saturday 17 September, 11pm, Market Square, free

Lido Pimienta website

Photo by Ada Navarro

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