La Fanfare Pourpour (QC)

This year marks the twenty-year anniversary of the illustrious Montreal brass band, Fanfare Pourpour, playing at the Guelph Jazz Festival! Even then, in 2002, the ensemble –– now 18 strong –– had been together for decades, emerging from a previous community band called l’Enfant fort (literally “the strong child” but punning on “la fanfare”). The band’s joyous, eminently danceable swing is tailor-made for the Friday Night Street Music Party in Market Square, as fun an anniversary party as we can conceive for this lengendary –– and legendarily festive –– band. And the fun will continue as the group sticks around Guelph to play subsequent shows, soon to be announced!

Friday 16 September, Friday Night Street Music Party, Market Square, free
Saturday 17 September, ‘GJF in the Parks’, 2:30pm-5:30pm, Norm Jary Park, free
Sunday 18 September, ‘GJF in the Parks’, 2:30pm-5:30pm, York Road Park, free

Fanfare Pourpour website

Photo by Pierre Crépô

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