Plinc! Plonc! (Jean Derome & Pierre Tanguay) (QC)

Two Guelph Jazz Festival favourites meet for a special tête-à-tête and coup-de-coeur. Plinc! Plonc! is Jean Derome (woodwinds) and Pierre Tanguay (drums), mainstays of Montreal ‘musique actuelle’ in countless formations and projects over four decades. No matter whether they are swinging gleefully on Monk tunes in Évidence or a gamut of jazz repertoire in Trio Derome Guilbeault Tanguay, digging into Derome’s own rich catalogue of compositions in Les Dangereux Zhoms or large-scale projects like Résistances, or improvising freely, the pair plays with utter conviction and tremendous joy in equal measure.

Friday 16 September, 4pm, Studio Theatre, River Run Centre, 15$/20$ [BUY TICKETS]

Plinc! Plonc! Bandcamp
Jean Derome website
Pierre Tanguay website

Photo by Claude Cyr

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