SlowPitchSound • Bending Things We Know So Well • featuring Mairi Greig (ON)

Toronto turntable artist, sound artist, and producer, SlowPitchSound, likes to consider new performances as distinct projects, uniquely conceived and developed for the audience in each venue. In Guelph, he will premiere Bending Things We Know So Well, a reflection on social and political issues that the pandemic has served to underscore, and a musical redeployment of local field recordings from different parts of the city, captured during a recent sojourn. The work explores themes of transformation, awareness, and perspective, to be further animated with his collaborator, Toronto dancer Mairi Greig, with whom he first worked at this year’s Women from Space Festival.

Thursday, 16 September, 8:30pm, Royal City Mission, $24/$18 • buy tickets

Box office opens 1 September; prices include taxes and surcharges, and are general admission / seniors, students, underwaged

SlowPitchSound website

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