Audiopollination Guelph

Audiopollination Guelph is a monthly music and arts event featuring ad hoc trios performing creative improvised music, convened by local improvising musician Emjay Wright in partnership with the Guelph Jazz Festival. All ages, skill levels, backgrounds, and artistic disciplines are welcome, including visual artists and dancers. This is a space to experiment and discover new sound-making and artistic methods. Artists who are interested to perform can simply sign up for a slot one of the monthly event, which will pair them with other artists with whom they will collaborate.

Ensemble 1: Mike Kosir, Joe Sorbora & Rachel Gaynor
Ensemble 2: Thomas Hammerton, Sally Ludwig & Christine Millls
Ensemble 3: Lucas Dvorsky, Nick Zubeck & Nico
Ensemble 4: Emjay Wright & Jill Francis


Audiopollination takes place at Silence, 46 Essex St., Guelph at 8pm on 13 September. Admission for audience members is $10 (sliding scale). Upcoming events in October, November, December are also listed on the sign-up sheet.

Questions about the series can be emailed to Emjay Wright, [email protected].

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