Cory Smythe (USA)

Pianist Cory Smythe’s music “dissolves the lines between composition and improvisation with rigor” (Chicago Reader). In Guelph, he will animate the jazz standard “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes,” or perhaps a ghostly apparition of it: Its swirling and spiralling vocality, its portrayal of deceit and disappearance, its fluidic memorial to acrid, heartbreaking loss. To do so, Smythe will augment the piano’s sound resources with a range of nuanced, mysterious electronic extensions, transforming this most canonical of instruments into something –– like the love affair the Kern/Harbach standard laments –– that isn’t quite what it seems.

Saturday 16 September, 11am Studio Theatre, River Run Centre • $25/$20 [buy tickets]

Listen to Cory Smythe here

photo credit: Moritz Bichler

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