Live Retro Video Game Music Trivia

Classic video games and themes from our childhood! Our live musician will play samples from games as far back as 1984! Teams will guess the video game themes or songs and the winning team wins an Afterlife Video Game Lounge gift coin. This event is free to attend and starts at 8:30pm!

Solo pianist Andrew Liorti delves into the core of keyboard improvisation with his heartfelt solo work and compositions littered with emotional ambiguity. Based in Guelph, he is best known for composing and performing with former Guelph Jazz festival acts: Thunderbird and Manatee. This year he will lead a jazz piano sing-a-long and host improvisational open-mic and music trivia evenings at The Round Table Board Game Tavern, along with a showcase of video game music arrangements at Afterlife Video Game Lounge. 


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