Josh Zubot Strings (BC)

Vancouver violinist Josh Zubot dazzled the GJF audience in 2017 with his astonishing free jazz quartet, MendHam, a rich context for his quicksilver, swinging improvisations. His Strings, featuring Jesse Zubot (violin), Meredith Bates (viola), Peggy Lee (cello), and James Meger (double bass), showcases a broader range and depth of Josh’s composing skills, deploying them to marshal the complementary improvising skills of his stellar bandmates. Episodes of vertiginous, frantic repetition segue to gently rhapsodic melodies or to propulsive, forward-charging tune material, each imprinted with Josh’s singular musical signature.

Saturday 16 September, 3pm • Royal City Mission • $25/20 [buy tickets]

Listen to Josh Zubot Strings here

Thanks to the Canada Council for the Arts for travel support.

Photo credit: Jesse Zubot

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