Echoes: GJF Geolocated Soundwalk in Guelph launches 30 October

During this period when we cannot safely do what we do best – present live music – we have conceived of an uncommon way to (re-)experience our 2019 Festival programming. is a mobile app platform on which users create geolocated soundwalks. The GJF will be launching its first Echoes soundwalk on 30 October, after which it will be freely available to anyone with a smartphone.

How it works: Download the free app to your iOS or Android smartphone. As of 30 October, you can access the free Guelph Jazz Festival 2019 Soundwalk (stream or download). As you move through Downtown Guelph, in the vicinity of various Festival venues and other sites, your location will trigger clips of music by 2019 GJF artists as well as commentary about the festival (headphones are recommended for higher sound quality). A map of Downtown will show the various sites, which link to images and text about the artists in question.

“What if I’m not in Guelph?”: Those who are far away will have to wait until they are in Guelph to experience the soundwalk – perhaps between shows at a future festival! – and it will remain free and accessible for the foreseeable future. Consider downloading Echoes anyway! There are likely interesting soundwalks in your area.

This edition of the GJF Echoes Soundwalk is hopefully not the last. We can envision Soundwalks that document the GJF historically (highlights from different editions of the Festival) and thematically (“GJF Drummers,” “Québecois artists,” “GJF in Guelph Churches,” and many more), a fun and unconventional way to chronicle the event throughout its history. This inaugural edition is made possible by a grant from the Ontario Music Fund and through the exceptional work of our Marketing Assistant, Lily Ramsey.

More questions about the Guelph Jazz Festival Echoes Soundwalk? Contact us at [email protected].