Future Machines (ON)

Future Machines

Toronto guitarist Matthew Fong leads Future Machines, an instrumental trio that explores jagged, math-rocky rhythms, and metrical complexity. Fong, with his bandmates Chris Pruden on bass synthesiser and Mack Longpre on drums, do so with ferocious intensity and a shredding spirit that balances the headiness and the heart. While this is tightly controlled music at root, the result is a freewheeling, enthralling hyperactivity. As Toronto musician, producer, and all-around music-mensch Joe Strutt aptly sums them up, Future Machines is “a power trio that digs deep into a sweet spot between math rock and Sonny Sharrock.”

Proudly co-presented with Kazoo!

Saturday, 14 September, 3:30pm, Market Square Stage, free

Matthew Fong website
Future Machines Bandcamp

Photo by Brittany Farhat