Erwan Keravec (FR) solo & with Hamid Drake (USA)

Erwan Keravec

The sound of Erwan Keravec’s Breton bagpipes, an instrument that is very similar to Scottish highland pipes, is astonishing. He combines a thorough grounding in traditional Breton music with difficult-to-fathom technical extensions that expand his instrument’s already formidable expressive range. Keravec is equally at home in contemporary notated and freely improvised music contexts, but the power of his original musical vision is directly accessible through solo performance; his all-acoustic solo at St. George’s Church (on a ‘pipe-themed’ double-bill with pipe organist and synthesist John Kameel Farah) promises to be both totally uncommon and uncommonly special in the context of anything called a ‘jazz festival.’ Elsewhere, Keravec will also be featured in a first-time collaboration with legendary drummer, Hamid Drake, a Guelph favourite needing no introduction.

Erwan Keravec Solo: Saturday, 14 September, 11am, St. George’s Church (on a bill with John Kameel Farah), $25/$20

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Erwan Keravec/Hamid Drake Duo: Sunday, 15 September, noon, Guelph Youth Music Centre (on a bill with Malcolm Goldstein/Rainer Wiens), $25/$20

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Erwan Keravec website
‘Urban Pipes’ on Youtube

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Photo credit: Atelier Marge Design