GJF Around Town

The Guelph Jazz Festival partners with local live music venues to help them to promote music that they want to present. The following venues will be hosting live music around the festival (12-18 September), most with free admission. Stay tuned for additional programming information, dates, and times:

Brothers Brewing, 15 Wyndham St. N.
Diana Downtown, 141 Wyndham St. N.
Jimmy Jazz, 52 Macdonell St.
Planet Bean Coffee, 2 Wyndham St. N.
Silence., 46 Essex St.
Two Faces, 20 Wilson St.
Royal City Studios, 930 Woodlawn Rd W Unit 1
The Wooly Pub, 176 Woolwich St

8pm, Wednesday 14 September, Silence, $10 or pwyc
Audiopollination Guelph (festival edition)
6pm, Thursday 15 September, Two Faces, free
Robert Lee (solo bass)
7pm, Thursday 15 September, Royal City Studios, $11.62
Jay Yoo’s Trio of Groove
9pm, Thursday 15 September, Brothers Brewing Company, PWYC
Mr Jazz Duo
8pm, Friday 16 September, Royal City Studios, $11.62
Brownman Electryc Trio
10pm, Friday 16 September, Jimmy Jazz, free
Excuse Me., Courtyard, Circle The City
8pm, Saturday 17 September, Royal City Studios, $11.62
Christian Antonacci Trio
2pm, Saturday 17 September, Planet Bean Coffee, free
Stan Chang & Gary Taylor
2:30pm, Sunday (not Saturday!) 18 September, The Wooly Pub, free
7pm, Sunday 18 September, Royal City Studios, $11.62
Nick Maclean Quartet
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