Colloquium: GJF Podcast Sessions

In partnership with the International Institute for Critical Studies in Improvisation (IICSI), the 2022 GJF Colloquium comprises festival artists being interviewed before a live audience by experienced Southern Ontario music podcasters: Pete Johnston (Northern Static), Steven Donnelly & Carey West (Four33), and Richard Marsella (Industry Tactics). These sessions will be recorded by CFRU-fm 93.3, edited, and subsequently published on each podcaster’s feed. 

The GJF Podcast Sessions all take place at Silence, 46 Essex Street, and are free to attend:
Thursday 15 September, 11am Northern Static • Pete Johnston interviews Anna Webber
Thursday 15 September, 1pm • Four33 • Steve Donnelly & Carey West interview Eric Chenaux & Aimée Dawn Robinson
Friday 16 September, 11am • Industry Tactics • Richard Marsella interviews Nicole Rampersaud

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