Bernice (ON)

Toronto singer Robin Dann leads Bernice, a group of kindred spirits and some of that city’s most inventive musicians, in songs that can be described as dreamy, ethereal, eccentric, experimental, literally wonderful. Genres like jazz and R&B might apply, but the synthesis is far too thoroughly wrought for easy pigeon-holing, and is woven through by the strength of Dann’s vocal lines (often sung in gorgeous harmonies) and evocative lyrics. Bernice’s 2021 release, Eau de Bonjourno, gently flexes the band’s burgeoning electro-pop muscles, but the live show promises pan-stylistic delights and surprises. For their Guelph show, Bernice is Dann, Thom Gill (guitar), Philippe Melanson (drums), and Dan Fortin (bass).

Saturday 17 September, 6:30pm, Market Square, free

Bernice Bandcamp

Photo by Colin Medley

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