Eric Chenaux & Aimée Dawn Robinson (France-YK)

Chenaux writes – “It is too easy to see a dancer (especially a female dancer) as expressing something from within, expressing emotions in movement and form. This view is swamped in problems of subjectivity, the body, and ideas of femininity. Aimée, radically resists that view, resists that encounter. Her dancing body in space and time is not necessarily expressing something from within but in fact rendering the in-between visible. Aimée’s dance is one that incites us to imagine – not only to think and feel and imagine something different but to imagine, feel and think differently. Light as a feather and nomadic as pollen – an imagining body. Forgetting”.  

“For over 25 years Aimée Dawn Robinson has altered me like no other: as choreographer, dancer, improvisor, musician, video-maker, pedagogue, writer, and listener. Her profound solo dance-works, singular intelligence, and erudite generosity continue to have a profound influence on my music”. 

Robinson writes – “Eric Chenaux’s guitar warble has always been a home for me. Within his music I have grown to know the terrain of an imagination which has generously trained itself to share the indefinable. Risk-taking is the honey of an artist’s life; Chenaux is a big ole honey bear with his paw deep in a hive. I dare say Chenaux and I have influenced one another as much as any two beings possibly can, and I’m glad of it!”. 

For the first time in 12 years, collaborators Chenaux and Robinson will perform improvised live music and dance together. Please attend and share the delight.  

Thursday 15 September, Guelph Jazz Festival Podcast Sessions, 1pm, Silence, free
Friday 16 September, 1pm, Heritage Hall, $15/$10 [buy tickets]

Eric Chenaux website
Aimée Dawn Robinson website
Constellation Records

Photo of Eric Chenaux (left) by Sylvestre Nonique-Desvergnes and (right) by Aimée Dawn Robinson

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